Shailene Woodley Is Basically Homeless And Can Fit Everything She Owns Into One Carry-On Suitcase



During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday to promote her new film, The Fault in Our Stars, Shailene Woodley told Jimmy that she can fit all of her belongings into one small, carry-on suitcase.

She said that she recently gave away her home to her grandmother and has been hopping around from couch to couch. I would think it would be annoying having your friend constantly crashing at your place, but I’m guessing it’s a bit different when your friend is a movie star.

Woodley lives a very organic life, and even makes her own toothpaste. She only recently got a cellphone while promotion for her movies are happening, and her “people” even taped the number onto the back of it so that she wouldn’t be able to forget it. The 22-year-old actress sounds like my grandmother, but it works for her.

When talking about being able to take everything she owns around with her she said: “I have some kitchen items that my grandma is using. But other than that, yeah, everything that I own and use is in a carry-on suitcase. I figure if I only own a few things and it gets lost, then I would get nothing.”

Is that even possible, or do you think she’s exaggerating?

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