Sharon Osbourne Almost Divorced Ozzy After 30 Years of Marriage

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Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne are one of the most explosive couples in Hollywood. Nothing could be more explosive than what Sharon had to reveal.

Sharon opend up about the painful experience of last year, after 30 years of marriage she was ready to throw in the towel after she discovered text messages. After seven years of sobriety Ozzy had relapsed.

The loyal wife, 61, forced Ozzy into therapy in LA last spring – and now she has revealed what happened on the counselor’s couch – painting a bizarre picture of a reluctant Ozzy and the anguish they suffered battling to save their marriage.

She added that the sessions were unbearable and Ozzy just threw childish strops and spent almost as long in the bathroom as he did on the sofa. She ranted; “He hated it. When this therapist would bring stuff up he was doing, Ozzy would get angry with me and I was like Don’t get angry with me. You are the f*****r doing it!”

“After sessions Ozzy would argue with the therapist: ‘You don’t know me. Why are you saying this? You have never met me. He’d come out angry and wouldn’t talk the next day. The sessions were supposed to last an hour and a half and Ozzy spent half an hour peeing. He’d be up and down – and then look at his belly. He has this habit of lifting up his shirt, looking at his belly because he has taken a p*** and thinks his belly will be flatter. So he goes back and forth…the belly and the p*****then he starts to hum. He doesn’t have to pee. It is an excuse, because his attention span is two seconds. During looking at his belly and peeing, he is looking at his watch. At exactly an hour and a half, he goes: We are off now. Bye, see ya.He is out the f******g front door. Car door open. I am still trying to get my handbag together, and he is in the driveway. We went for a month. That was it. It is not worth it. It was too much stress.”

Sharon even said she couldn’t get a female counselor because he would just manipulate the woman. He will smile, and you just melt. “He has this little boy smile and he goes why does everybody pick on me? And I am like because you are the f***-up? And he is like that is not fair – you do some things. And I am like what?”

Sharon admits she’s now learning to accept her husband for who he is, saying: “You can’t change people. You either accept them as they are, or you go.” Sharon revealed she’d learned Ozzy had fallen off the wagon last April. The discovery was on the eve of their 30th wedding anniversary.

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