Stephen Colbert Appeared on David Letterman’s “Late Show” As Himself

Photo Credit: pablogv2004 from

Photo Credit: pablogv2004 from

CBS had announced on April 10 that it had signed Stephen Colbert to a multiyear deal. The announcement was made one week after David Letterman revealed that he intends to retire next year.

What better way to start welcoming Colbert into the CBS family than by having him appear on the “Late Show” Tuesday night? And oh yeah, you better believe the two took a selfie together.

Letterman said that Colbert is “always entertaining,” “the new kid,” and “my friend.” Basically, he was saying that he’s behind CBS’s choice for his successor.

During their chat together last night, the topic of discussion turned to family matters, and Colbert said that his three kids are “getting ready for me to hang around too much because I’ve got my show for the rest of the year.”

He also said that he’ll be signing off “The Colbert Report” at the end of the year, and then he asked Letterman, “when are you leaving? I should have asked.”

Getting back to his family he said, “they get nervous, they get nervous. I think they like me, but they get nervous when I’m around too much.”

Colbert appeared as himself, and not as his character from the “Colbert Report.” Last night’s “Late Show” will probably be the first of many media appearances that introduces the “real Colbert” to people.

Instead of the glasses with invisible frames that he wears on the “Colbert Report,” he wore hipster frames on the “Late Show” last night.

Colbert praised Letterman, and at one point he said, “I’m gonna do whatever you have done.” When Letterman had responded with mock disapproval, Colbert had added, “It seems to have gone pretty well, Dave!”

Colbert also told a story about how he had gotten an internship on Letterman’s show in the mid-1980s and then turned it down because it was unpaid. “The next job I’m taking here, it pays right?,” Colbert asked. “Because I’ve already signed.”

Here’s the full video of the interview.

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