Super Mario Meets Game of Thrones

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What is better than old school Super Mario Bros and the amazing television show Game of Thrones? Hmm… How about combining the two into one EPIC video?!

YouTuber Nicksplosion FX has just released his latest video, a mash up of Super Mario World and the wildly successful television show Game of Thrones. NicksplosionFX recreates the opening and turns the iconic Game of Thrones theme song into video game music.

If you want to talk technology for a second to really nerd it out, NicksplosionFX says that he used an 8-bit version of the theme song.

The genius YouTuber shows the wonderful world of Westeros as though it’s Super Mario World: He recreates that map, everything, except instead of places like Mereen and Bravo; we see the Vanilla Fortress and Yoshi’s Castle.

If you want to see some more cool stuff, he also posted “Video Game of Thrones,” alongside the actual opening, so you can compare the two.

With the release of this new video, it raises some questions like are the Mario Bros. the Mushroom Kingdom’s equivalent of the Lannisters? Check it out and decide yourself.

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