Texas Country Musician Stoney LaRue Arrested For Domestic Abuse Complaint

Credit: Morguefile.com

Credit: Morguefile.com

Early Monday morning, Texas Country (also known as “red dirt”) musician, Stoney LaRue, was arrested and charged for domestic abuse.

His girlfriend of three years, 38-year-old Amanda Winsworth, was reportedly the victim, however she posted on Twitter Tuesday morning that “The happenings of this incident have been blown out of proportion by the media.”

In our minds, however, if a man pushes a woman down the stairs, “the happenings of the incident” really speak for themselves.

We are not exaggerating! LaRue actually pushed his girlfriend down the stairs because she was being too loud.

But wait! It gets worse.

Apparently, the artist had gone out drinking the night before with 43-year-old, Richa Chandra, and didn’t return home until 4 a.m.

When they returned, LaRue and Chandra were apparently being so loud that Winsworth went to go sleep in the car.

Then, when his girlfriend re-entered the home to get ready for work at 6 a.m., LaRue had the audacity to get angry at her for making too much noise.

She was getting ready for work and he reacted like an irritable bear that was woken up from hibernation.

When we say that he did not act like a rational human being, we are not blowing anything out of proportion.

In fact, the more specific details of the incident reveal that LaRue actually threw Winsworth’s makeup bag down the stairs first, before pushing her from behind as she bent down to retrieve her belongings. That was when she tumbled head first down the staircase.

She then called 911 around 7:30 a.m. and the police came to arrest LaRue at his Oklahoma City apartment. The artist was then later released on bond.

Also, Chandra, LaRue’s drinking buddy, was arrested after refusing to leave the scene for obstructing and public drunkenness. Classy.

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