The Head B**** in Charge is Back!!!

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The H.B.I.C (Head bitch in charge, in case you were wondering) is back and bitcher than ever! Come on, you all know I love New York was everyone’s guilty pleasure back in the day. I, for one can say I could never get enough of Tiffany “New York” Pollard.

In the season premiere of Botched on VH1, Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif made the reality star very happy with the news that they would accept her case and do her next breast augmentation (did we mention she’s already had two?).

Most people would be terrified of going under the knife, but hey New York is a pro. She’s already had six procedures in the past. In good old New York style Tiffany decided to throw a party at the Crescent Hotel in Beverly Hills to celebrate her impending transformation. That’s when her signature temper makes a nasty unexpected appearance.

In a deleted scene, her best friend Aktion made the horrible mistake of making what seemed to be an innocent comment in the eyes of a rational person, but HELLO! You are dealing with NEW YORK! Get it together Akiton!

Tiffany is IMMEDIATELY enraged, shocking right? “I would have never asked you to my party if you couldn’t respect it!” she shouted back. “We’re the closest of anybody out here because I’ve known you the longest,” she says. “So show me some respect and shut the f–k up and let me complete my next surgery!”

Check out the full chaotic scene here. Ah! The nostalgia, excuse me while I go watch some old I love New York Reruns….

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