This Teen Broke Into The ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Set

Photo Credit: Morguefile

Photo Credit: Morguefile

If you weren’t already aware, here’s a little piece of information. People are obsessed with Orange Is the New Black, the Netflix show about prison but that’s also funny. One of those people is 19-year-old, Samantha Gardella, from Monroe, New York. The film student learned that the show is filmed at an abandoned psychiatric center in a town not far from her own. So, Gardella decided to make a pilgrimage.

She made her way down to the set and found it looked just like Litchfield from the show. But Gardella didn’t just want to be there. She wanted to do something artistic with her experience. With screenshots from the show and her camera, she took (potentially) the coolest pictures ever. Gardella matched the screenshots with the exact locations in the pictures. Think of them as puzzle pieces. So cool!

Of her experience, Gardella remarked to BuzzFeed that “there was no gate at the entryway to keep anyone out.” She also mentioned that she spotted several other fans just meandering about.

On June 26, Gardella uploaded the pictures to her personal Tumblr page. The original post has about 129,000 notes, and the photographer has received a lot of “positive feedback” from both friends and people she’s never even met. What’s more, she got to share that information with the Huffington Post. That’s pretty cool.

But it wasn’t just fans who saw the photos. The legal team for Orange Is the New Black saw the images and reached out to Gardella via email. They told her that the set was private property that they were leasing, and they asked her to respect the “No Trespassing” sign in the future. It sounds kind of bad and scary, but the legal team did mention they liked her photos.

Arguably, the best response was the one she got from the show’s official Twitter account. They gave her a mock-up citation, calling her photos “fantastic.” Also, the citation was signed by the show’s corrections officer, John Bennett. The tweet also linked to Gardella’s original Tumblr post. Looks like there’s no bad blood here!

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