Three Women Arrested For Twerking



On Monday afternoon, three women were arrested after two of them began “twerking” near the municipal courthouse windows in Beaverton, Oregon. The third woman filmed their performance on her phone.

Coura Valazquez visited the municipal courthouse to pay a fine for a warrant. She was accompanied by her friends, Brittany Medak and Leokham Yothsombath. When they left the building, Valazquez and Medak started “twerking” while Yothsombath filmed it. Allegedly, Valazquez and Medak, exposed their genitals while “twerking”. Police reported that Medak also urinated between two cars.

Afterwards, they drove away from the courthouse, and within seconds they were pulled over by a police officer. With Medak’s permission, the officer searched the vehicle and found cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana. Well, that explains a lot. All the women were arrested on multiple drug possession charges. Medak also faces a charge of offensive littering for her alleged urination.

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