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Photo by Seesantana.com

Photo by Seesantana.com

The Hot Zone had the pleasure of attending a live taping of the Wendy Williams Show. As expected, I was very excited to see Wendy in person, and bask in the overall experience of the show, on and off camera.

As I waited in the V.I.P. area for the staff to seat everyone, I was entertained with a slideshow of some of Wendy’s most memorable past guests and moments on the show. Like when she dressed up as Wonder Woman for Halloween and her funny interviews with celebrities such as Dr. Phil, TLC, and more.

Most waiting areas are boring and feel as though you will fall asleep. Well, that was not the case at Wendy Williams studio. Not only were the other attendees just as excited as I was, but the staff, including the security guards to the assistants were friendly and funny! They definitely helped time pass by, and before I knew it we were lining up to enter the studio.

Photo Credit: THZ/Chelsea Norton

Photo Credit: THZ/Chelsea Norton

I had the privilege of sitting in the row closest to the stage area where Wendy interviews her guests and dishes on the latest hot topics. After all of the audience members were seated, I had the opportunity to view the entire room. I was in awe. The colors were beautiful and vibrant; pink, purple, yellow. All hues that put you in a great mood no matter what time of day. Did I mention it was 9am. Now you’re probably saying to yourself “I know the audience must be super tired at that time.” Well, you’re wrong. Everyone was so happy to be there and excited to see Wendy, that being tired wasn’t even a thought.

DJ Booth played the hottest mix of Top 40s and classic songs from the 90s. People, young adults to mature, were literally dancing in the seats while some made their way to the aisles. I saw every dance move, from the body wave to twerking! The audience producer, Marco Glorious, had the audience hype from the moment we sat down to the time we left. His comedic wit and charming personality had everyone smiling and laughing their butts off.

MC Marco Glorious Photo Credit: THZ/Chelsea Norton

Audience Producer Marco Glorious
Photo Credit: THZ/Chelsea Norton

Sometime later, Wendy’s good friend and Sr. supervising producer of the show Suzanne Bass, welcomed the audience. She was smiling (as always) and informed us that it was almost time for Wendy to start the show. Everyone cheered and clapped with excitement.

photo credit: The Wendy Williams show

photo credit: The Wendy Williams show

After much anticipation, Wendy graced us with her presence! Once they announced “Here’s Wendy” the entire audience yelled, whistled, and cheered as if our lives depended on it. Not kidding. We were so happy to see her and she looked AMAZING!!! Seriously, she makes 50 look damn good! From head to toe she was stunning. Dressed in a burgundy dress, with black stripes on the bottom, complimented with a black belt and tights.  Of course she greeted us with her signature “how you doin” (laughs) and jumped right into the hot topics segment. She dished on Amanda Bynes’ DUI and difficulty with her family relationship, Michael Phelps’ DUI, Ciara getting pranked by Vitalli Sediuk and giving Future his engagement ring back, and so much more. If you watch the show faithfully like I do, then I’m sure you’ve heard all of the juicy details surrounding those stories.

Following that segment, Wendy brought out Jordi Loopi from InTouch Weekly. Jordi gave us the inside scoop on Lindsay Lohan’s latest career moves and other headlining news.


Photo Credit: THZ/Chelsea Norton

The highlight of the show was seeing the beautiful and talented Jordin Sparks have a sit down with Wendy and talk about where she stands regarding the recent break up between her and Jason Derulo. Wendy asked her questions that majority of us were thinking and would love to know the answers to. Jordin responded to some but refused to comment on certain questions she believed would not benefit or shed light on the situation. However, when asked about whether or not she will return the BMW Jason gave her, Jordin had no issue in bluntly saying “he can have it” with a confident smile and “I’m over it” attitude. Also, Jordin treated the audience and viewers to a sneak peak of her new role in an upcoming film called “Left Behind”.

It’s breast cancer awareness month, and Wendy is a proud supporter.  She surprised a breast cancer survivor named Melissa. The staff at the show and style expert Lillian Vazquez, gave Melissa a makeover and gifted her to a elegant dining experience for herself and her family in New York City. She looked and felt wonderful!

Photo Credit: THZ/Chelsea Norton

Photo Credit: THZ/Chelsea Norton

The absolute best part of the show was everything that occurred off camera. The audience had a mini-party every time the show went to a commercial break. Wendy took the time out to personally greet all of the guests (I was beyond excited to shake her hand and say “how you doin Wendy”). She gave her approval to many  of the fashionistas in the audience and even held conversations with some of the guests. She’s so down-to-earth that talking to her feels like you’re conversing with a friend, not a celebrity. It was refreshing to see that not all celebrities are pompous jerks who act as thought they are too good to socialize with the normal people. I was very impressed and happy to see that there are some nice famous people who appreciate their fans and did not forget where they come from.

At one point during the break, Marco advised the audience that we were all entered in a raffle for some great Wendy giveaways. Some lucky audience members won items such as speakers, a badminton set, and mp3 players. Did I mention they even gave us free pizza and beverages for lunch?!?

Leaving the show was bitter sweet. Of course, everyone was sad to say bye to Wendy. However, they offered free tickets to those who were interested in attending another taping the following day. The audience members were able to take photos in the seating area and with Marco as well.

Seeing the Wendy Williams Show live is a memorable experience. I am definitely going to attend another taping sooner than later. Big thanks to Wendy and her staff for making it happen!

Do you want to attend a live taping? Click HERE for more info and get your free tickets to see Wendy WIlliams! Plus, you never know who will stop by to dish with her on the latest hot topics.

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