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In a world full of casual sex, fuck buddies, and “flirtationships,” Amy Schumer brings out comedy gold in this hilarious movie. Amy plays the perfect hilariously awkward woman who is in no way looking for love.

Everyone has an experience that makes them keep lovers at an emotional arms length. Amy is special enough to keep them at a physical arms length in bed too. The movie starts with Amy’s father explaining to both Amy and her older sister why he and Amy’s mother are divorcing. There’s a hilarious analogy with a doll. You will lovee this part!  In the end, her father instills one ‘important’ lesson into his precious daughters minds, “monogamy isn’t realistic.”

Fast forward 23 years,here we have a grown up and for the most part emotionally retarded Amy. We see Amy having sex with random meat-heads to find out she has a steady (what we would call boyfriend) guy in the picture. Played by WWE Superstar John Cena, Steven is the ultimate meat-head lover boy. He is heartbroken when he finds out Amy doesn’t have a faithful bone in he body. There goes his dream of making her his “Crossfit Queen.”

When that goes in the shitter, here comes the new guy to the rescue. Come on you know how these rom coms work. Aaron is this nerdy high profile sports doctor for the likes of Lebon James (who stars in the movie as himself). So as you can imagine, totally not Amy’s type at all. Hey, she’s not shallow she said it herself. Her charity in college was sleeping with a lot of fat guys. So what’s one nerdy doctor?

You know rom coms, the relationship works for a while, then their differences become a problem and we as the audience has to sit through 25 minutes of them missing each other till some big gesture is made to win each other back.

The best part of the movie is definitely Lebron James. His advice never applies to Aaron’s situations. Best part? His test to see if Amy cares about Aaron? “Do you see his face in the clouds? Do you hear his name in the wind?” By far the best part of the movie, you’ll be saying it on your way home the way me and my sister were.

Overall, the movie was entertaining. It just wasn’t as great as it could have been. It had those small moments where you couldn’t help but burst out laughing. The rest was more eh seen this before. Not much different from most rom coms.

Our Verdict: [6/10]

Trainwreck hits theaters today July 17, 2015

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