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Unexpected Choices, Unexpected Journeys, Unexpected Friendships

Unexpected is a humorous drama that emphasizes the idea of facing reality without letting it affect your future goals. No one knows what could happen in a day, let alone a second. This film does an excellent job representing courage, maturity, support and handling unexpected news with sophistication.

Two women, a teacher and a student, unexpectedly get pregnant, and work together to support each other through the next chapter in their totally opposite lives. This goes beyond a teacher-student relationship into a charming and likable friendship.

How I Met Your Mother star Cobie Smulders, plays Sam, a science teacher at a high school in Chicago. The Hot Zone had a chance to talk with Cobie about her character Sam, which she said was an exciting role to take on. She said the struggles between becoming a mother who also wants her career, can be difficult at times. This is the exact situation Sam faced 10 minutes into the film when it is revealed that she is pregnant. For many people who weren’t planning on having a child, this could be the worst possible thing. However, for others, it could simply mean stepping up to the plate. After all, what really goes as planned in our lives? Not much! It’s no secret that we should always expect the unexpected, and just when we thought Sam’s situation was the only one to be dealt with, we learn her student, Jasmine (Gail Bean), is pregnant too. We run into a conflict when we realize Sam isn’t ready to be just a mom, in fact, she’s even applying to the job of her dreams while Jasmine, a high school senior, just started applying to colleges.

No worries though, Anders Holm plays John, Sams’ boyfriend who provides immediate support and soon enough becomes her husband. When we spoke to Anders, he said this role was close to home because him and his wife just recently had a baby themselves. In the movie, one night John finds out that Sam is pregnant and the next morning – they’re married. Their relationship was just a little too perfect, even for a hopeless romantic like myself. John’s reaction is the ideal response that every woman would want, but realistically, it is not always that easy. Their relationship, however, is loving and happy, something I would wish any relationship to be.

As for Jasmine, her boyfriend seems great. He appears supportive when we first meet him, but we come to realize he has yet to “grow up.” Thankfully, Jasmine is matured, and ready to take on the responsibility of keeping her baby. Sam urges her to apply to a list of colleges because she won’t let her outstanding GPA of a 3.8 go to waste. Jasmine doesn’t argue, and does what it takes to get her applications done in order to achieve the goals she always dreamed of.

This movie was smooth sailing, even with the conflicts and obstacles these women faced. You will be laughing one minute, and crying the next. It brought me to tears at least 3 times – happy tears of course! Some will argue it wasn’t realistic enough, and resolutions were made too effortlessly, but seriously who wants to watch a movie that will just leave you sad anyway? Unexpected was truly genuine and uplifting, supportive and pleasant, and believe me, you will find yourself smiling!

Unexpected is in theaters now

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