True Blood: Recap Season 7 Episode 6: A**hole

Photo Credit: True Blood Official Facebook Page

Photo Credit: True Blood Official Facebook Page

Drama is an understatement when describing the July 20th episode of True Blood. Relationships were rekindled, Eric finally came face-to-face with Sarah Newlin and Bill discovered something devastating

With Sookie mourning the death of her werewolf boyfriend Alcide, Lafayette and James thought it would be a great idea to have the entire town come to Sookie’s house to celebrate life.

The episode kicked off with Willa once again confronting Eric about what a bad maker he has been. She pointed out that he made her and disappeared. He never taught her how to feed, how to sleep, what to do. It was all Tara; she then said Tara’s death was partly their fault because as Tara’s maker, Pam, disappeared looking for Eric.

She made a deal with Eric that would forever change their relationship. She told Pam and Eric she wouldn’t go to help find Sarah Newlin but if and only if he released her as his progeny. He of course agreed, I mean what other choice did he really have? Was he going to sit there and let the crazy psycho get away just to keep Willa against her will.

Willa confessed that Sarah had a sister named Amber Mills and she was a vampire. She lived in the Dallas area and Sarah was making her way there.

Eric and Pam were on a mission to head to the Lonestar State, but Ginger wasn’t too happy about Eric leaving. She was very upset that she’d been Eric’s sex slave for 10 years, but they’d never had sex. Poor Ginger never got what she wanted. Eric left with Pam without satisfying her. I mean can you blame her? He said “Ginger, I’m diseased” and she grossly responded “So am I!” I mean wouldn’t you run too?

Meanwhile, Sookie returned home for the first time since Alcide’s death. She was met at the door by Lafayette and James. She looked horrible, am I the only one who wondered how people get into her house without her being there? Anyway, that’s not the point. With Sookie being so emotional Lafayette put her to bed, she pleaded with him to leave her bedside. Adorable isn’t it?

Well she wasn’t so adorable when she woke up. She awoke to Lafayette, James, Alcide’s father and Alcide’s father’s girlfriend all in her house. Sookie wasn’t too fond of the idea of the entire town coming to her house for a party that night. I mean for the love of God she just lost her boyfriend! Well, in good old Sookie fashion she came around to the idea.

Eric and Pam hit up Dallas and immediately found Amber. Like Eric, she was infected with the Hep V virus and wasn’t on good terms with Sarah. Apparently, Sarah had lied about everything. When she asked if they were planning to kill Sarah, Eric said, “There’s a real good chance that’s what’s going to go down.”

That’s all it took, Amber was ALL in. According to her, Sarah had just gotten to Dallas and was going to cry to mommy and daddy at the Ted Cruz gala at the Bush Library. But only a**holes were invited to the party.

Eric smirked and said, “We can be a**holes.” Pam loved Amber and she doesn’t approve of anyone.

Meanwhile, Bill was continuing to have flashbacks to his time before he became a vampire.

Everyone in Bon Temps was at the Stackhouse party. Jason, Violet, Arlene, Jessica…the list went on. Even Lettie Mae showed.  Alcide’s dad made a heartfelt speech about Alcide and his love for Sookie. “You were worth it, Sookie,” he said as Sookie was about to lose it.

“My boy died a hero. But you can’t die a hero without having a righteous cause,” he said.

Lettie Mae also wanted to make a toast to Tara. She called Tara her hero.

Jessica was still on this feeling guilty crap from seasons ago. Andy told her to please move on because she was keeping the grief alive for him, too. He wanted her to be happy because he was going to propose to Holly! But he needed a ring.

Sookie had just the ring, her grandmother’s. There was quite the awkward moment in the room between Jessica, Jason and Violet. While Jessica thought the ring was beautiful, Violet huffed, “That’s it?” Nevertheless, Andy made a loving proposal to Holly and she accepted!

So love was in the air, but not with people you’d expect. James wanted to leave the party with Jessica, but Jess wanted to stay (and keep her eye on Jason.) Since he couldn’t leave, James started chatting/flirting with Lafayette. Their intimate convo quickly transitioned into them kissing and eventually doing it in a car! Just between us I was so shocked James was the receiver, I took him for a giver type of guy.

After the “Alcide was a hero” toast, Sookie just needed a good cry and Arlene was the perfect person to have girl talk with. Alcide’s dad was eavesdropping on the convo though.I found that a little weird. Arlene revealed to Sookie that death always hurts, no matter how much you’re prepared for it. (Amen.)

In the least shocking news ever, Jessica caught James and Lafayette doing it. Needless to say, she was back to being sad again. Am I the only one getting sick of it? Was I the only one that said “It’s about time!” when Lafayette and James were hooking up.

However, Jason decided to cheer her up. He wanted Jess to accept the fact that James was gay. Lafayette tried to apologize, but Jessica wasn’t in an accepting mood. Lafayette came back in the room and said she needed to check herself because she didn’t know James at all, but he did. “If you don’t love him, let him go and I will take over from here,” Lafayette told Jess.

My fiancé laid there saying “Damn, that was still messed up.” I agree but come on babe James and Jessica sucked as a couple. It’s about time Lafayette was happy, his last poor little Hispanic boyfriend died. Don’t be that selfish Jessica!

Sookie was getting drunk and having a party in her head with everyone’s thoughts. Over in the corner, Bill was having ANOTHER 19th century flashback. But he quickly returned to the present day when Sookie came into view.

Bill cheered Sookie up and told her that she’d done more in days than he’d done in decades. She thanked him for his kind words and for seeing her in a way that she can’t. They hug and they may have almost kissed, but maybe that’s just what my mind wanted me to see. Sorry, the fiancé and I have been team Bill and Sookie since day one.

Inside the party, Lettie Mae was out for blood. Willa’s blood to be exact. She stabbed Willa and all the fangs came out. She claimed that Tara had been contacting her from the other side and that was the only way to connect back. (That’s questionable.) After that, a very pregnant Nicole flipped out about all the crazy in town. Girl, you need to leave.

Upstairs at the Stackhouse’s, Jason and Jessica were having a heart-to-heart. (Every Jessica/Jason fan is FLIPPING out right now.) Jason confessed that Violet was pretty weird. His impersonation of her was spot-on. He also revealed that he did NOT want to give her the ring that everyone had been fawning over earlier.

Jessica said what all the ladies were thinking, “I think you might just be the sweetest man in the world.” Let me double check. Yep, he is. May not be the smartest but definitely the sweetest.

Jessica kissed Jason after that, but she pulled away. Then he kissed her right back. (Yeah we would have NEVER seen this coming.) Things got very hot and heavy between these two. It’s about time! However, Violet heard their passionate love-making and was livid. Yikes, wrong person to piss off.

Eric and Pam showed up to the fancy southern gala. Eric was in a cowboy hat and western attire. Like Amber said, Sarah showed up and went right for her mommy. She said she was in trouble and wanted help from Laura Bush. Excuse me while me and the fiancé laugh hysterically.

Sarah revealed that the Yakuza were after her and she needed help. Meanwhile, Eric glamoured Sarah’s dad, but his plan was cut short by the Yakuza. They shot Sarah’s dad dead and her mom, too. Eric came across Sarah and grabbed her by the throat. Just as he was about to kill her, he spotted the Yakuza.

Eric took care of them and tore the main guy’s mouth off. Seriously. Grossed me out to my core.

After everyone had left the party, Sookie was left again in a lonely house. She found Alcide’s jacket and she put it on for safety. Poor Sookie.

Sookie’s going to need to cheer up soon because she has a big, huge, massive problem on her hands. Bill’s infected with the Hep V virus too! Just like Eric. OH NO GOD WHY DO THE GOOD LOOKING PEOPLE HAVE TO DIE!!!!!

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