Who Cares That Jennifer Lawrence Is Wearing Shorts?

Photo Credit: Morguefile

Photo Credit: Morguefile

I don’t have much time, so I’ll get to the point. I’ve never been a huge fan of The Hunger Games. It’s not that I think the series is bad at all. I don’t think that. In fact, it’s probably that when it exploded onto the popular, media scene, I was older and had already given my geeky heart to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. So, Jennifer Lawrence was never one of my inspirations, but that doesn’t mean I don’t respect the peanut butter out of her accomplishments and career. I think she’s done some beyond awesome things, and I think they make her much more than her clothes.

You might furrow your brow at me when I say this. Why am I talking about Lawrence’s clothes? Earlier today, I was looking up the latest celebrity news, and I found this article about Lawrence. She’s looking for an apartment in New York City, which is a big deal if you’re literally anyone in the entire world. But all the media cares about? Lawrence is wearing shorts, and they’re not sure if she’s pulling them off.

Let me tell you something. All I did was glance at the pictures of Lawrence. I thought she looked fine, but even if she hadn’t, I’d still be pretty upset right now. What does it matter that she’s wearing shorts, and why does it matter how she looks in them? It doesn’t, or at least, it shouldn’t.

Here’s the thing about Lawrence, OK? She’s an Oscar winner. She’s been nominated for two other Oscars. She’s one of the most decorated actors in Hollywood right now because she’s freaking talented. I might not be a Hunger Games fan, but there’s a scene before Katniss enters the arena. She’s shaking uncontrollably. Her brain can’t stop her body. It’s hard to watch, and that’s all Lawrence’s performance. Hollywood knows she’s done just as well in other projects if not better. Why are we not focusing on what Lawrence might be doing professionally in New York? Is she expanding her performance horizons? It’s possible, and we’re not even speculating or hoping. Instead, we wonder if she ought to stick to jeans.

I truly don’t believe this would have happened to Lawrence’s Silver Linings Playbook, Oscar-nominated co-star, Bradley Cooper. Not just because men don’t wear shorts a lot, but because he’s a man. Publicly, we’ve never cared as much about female, professional success as that of males. And if you try to get me to focus on Lawrence’s legs, I’m going to get you to focus twice as hard on her Oscar and Golden Globes. That’s right, she’s got two of those.

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  1. S L Frankovich says:

    I respect the peanut butter outta your comments…great one! Couldn’t agree more!

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