Whoopi Goldberg Reveals That She Smokes Marijuana To Ease The Pain Of Glaucoma-Related Headaches

photo credit: flickr.com/bmthomas

photo credit: flickr.com/bmthomas

It’s no secret that many celebrities are marijuana users. Well, you can add Whoopi Goldberg to that list. She has become a contributor for a marijuana blog called “The Cannabist”. In her recent post, entitled “My vape pen and I, a love story”, she revealed that she smokes marijuana to ease the pain of glaucoma-related headaches. She wrote “As I write my debut column for “The Cannabist”, talking about this newly legal weed and admiring the states that have had the foresight to legalize medical marijuana, I’m most tempted to extol the virtues of the vape pen.” Goldberg is a New jersey resident, and the legal laws state that people do have the right to possess and use medical marijuana under certain circumstances. She expressed her struggle to smoke joints in the beginning, and that her daughter introduced her to vaporizers. Goldberg instantly fell in love with it. She said “The vape pen has changed my life. No, I’m not exaggerating. In fact, her name is Sippy. Yes, she’s a she. And yes, I named her Sippy because I take tiny, little sips her. And with each sip comes relief from pressure, pain, stress, discomfort.”

She described the horrific pain she suffers from the eye condition. “These glaucoma-induced headaches come on like freight trains like, BOOM, my head starts hurting, my eyes start bugging, my whole body starts to tense up. But then I find her, and it relaxes everything and calms everything. It helps my head stop hurting, and with glaucoma your eyes ache, and she takes the ache out. It’s wonderful.” Goldberg plans on writing a column every two months and will focus on her own experiences with Cannabis.

Governor Chris Christie is not happy with Goldberg’s decision and believes she is sending out the wrong message to children. Do you agree?

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