“You, Pedophile, You”: Sarah Palin Tears into Lena Dunham

Photo Credit:morguefile.com

Photo Credit:morguefile.com

Well, here’s a side to the Duggar story you might not have expected. Former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin is not pleased with comedian and Girls star, Lena Dunham. On Thursday, Palin posted an angry, all-caps status about Dunham. An excerpt from the status is as follows:


Palin is referring to some of the material Dunham included in her autobiography, Not That Kind of Girl. In the book, Dunham wrote that when she was about seven years old, she inspected her younger sister’s genitals out of curiosity. She also wrote that she used to bribe her younger sister for mouth kisses. But Dunham also referred to her actions as doing what a child molester would do, which was supposed to be a punch line. For many readers and critics, it wasn’t – Palin among them.

While readers have completely written off Dunham for her actions, psychologists have tried to prove that what she did is not comparable to Josh Duggar’s crimes at all. Dunham was about seven or eight years old at the time, which would put her in something called the latency stage according to Sigmund Freud’s stages of development. In the latency stage, children are unaware of their genitals and what they can do. However, since Duggar was fourteen when his crimes began, he was in something called the genital stage. This is when a young woman or young man becomes increasingly aware of physical sexuality.

It is not clear whether Palin was defending Duggar, but it is clear that she was trying to make Dunham his equal. Whether she is, we may never know.

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  1. Debra Frankkovich says:

    For the readers who have written Dunham off, I suggest that they sign up for Psychology and Growth and Development classes at the nearest university this fall.

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