Zayn Is Coming Back To One Direction?

Photo Credit: Sarah DeLuca/THZ Photo Library

Photo Credit: Sarah DeLuca/THZ Photo Library

Rumors, rumors are no fun…especially when our emotions are already in such fragile states because of a certain boyband!

Perhaps the biggest rumor from this weekend was that Zayn Malik is returning to One Direction. But, don’t get too excited; a publicist for the boyband’s record label, Columbia, already said that the rumors are not true.

However, we have to hand it to Directioners, they really got our hopes up with their thorough investigative work and presentation of the evidence.

Here is some of the ‘evidence’ that we came across this weekend:

1) Zayn’s profile reappeared on One Direction’s official website (although some say it was never deleted)

2) The Facebook post from March 25 announcing Zayn’s departure from the band has seemingly been deleted

3) Zayn is listed in the “Members” section when you search the band on Google

4) Simon Cowell tweeted that he had an important announcement

5) Zayn’s friend, producer Naughty Boy, wrote some cryptic tweets saying things like “made enough to go legit but you just can’t quit” and “I knew that you wouldn’t I just hope that you would.” Since everything he tweets seems to be about Zayn lately, we don’t blame One Direction fans for going crazy over this one.

6) #ZaynIsComingBack has been trending worldwide on Twitter on-and-off all weekend

However, Malik seems to be content working solo, especially since two tracks of his have already been leaked online. The most recent track is a cover of Rae Sremmurd’s “No Type,” that MIC Righteous leaked on Soundcloud only for it to be removed shortly after.

Plus, sources have revealed that Malik is trying to get involved in the fashion industry as well.

While some have complained that Malik’s life post-One Direction has not been that of a “normal 22-year-old” like he said it would be, it seems to us that he’s doing everything right!

Your twenties are supposed to be about finding your place in the world and trying new things, right? In fact, it was Malik who told us that we need to “Live While We’re Young,” so it’s only fair that we support his new projects…and his new hair colors.

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