12 Reasons Harry Potter Was Not in Ravenclaw

Photo Credit: Morguefile

Photo Credit: Morguefile

1. The package looks like a broomstick. Better ask Ron and Hermione what it is.

2. Oh, an immeasurable amount of letters is pouring into the Dursley house? I should try to catch one instead of pick one up off the ground.

3. Seamus keeps saying he wants to turn the water to rum. But I don’t know what he’s trying to do with that glass of water. Hey, Ron?

4. Sirius is an escaped convict. I should write his name on all the incriminating and personal letters I send him. Here, Hedwig!

5. I don’t know who this diary belongs to, but I also know I’m a wanted boy, and this is the Wizard World. I really ought to write my name in it.

6. Oh, I’ve been given a vile of Liquid Luck? And you swear it won’t fail me? No, I’m not going to use it to kill Voldemort! I’m gonna go ask Slughorn about that traumatic, repressed memory of his!

7. This is an old book. The guy who wrote in it is really good at Potions. Like, really good. I wonder who the Half-Blood Prince is. I’ve never seen his handwriting before, like on the thousands of pages of homework he gives per term.

8. Slytherin is the House of the snake. I bet the Heir of Slytherin can speak to snakes, just like me. I’m gonna go down to the Chamber of Secrets, though, just to make sure the monster is a calico kitten.

9. Mrs. Weasley just told me to speak very, very clearly when using Floo Powder. I better mumble.

10. Dumbledore told me that Voldemort’s good at Legilimency and can put bad thoughts in my head, so I should be even better at Occlumency. I’m going to slack off in my lessons so Voldemort can corrupt me even more than he already has!

11. My dad’s been dead for years, Hermione, but he totally saved me from the Dementors back there. Let’s wait and see what he’s wearing when he does it!

12. Really? I’m a HORCRUX? I had NO idea!

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