20 Danny Castellano Quotes from ‘The Mindy Project’ to Live By

Credit: MorgueFile

Credit: MorgueFile

  1. When you’re very serious about your musical allegiance

“You don’t show up to a Springsteen concert wearing a John Cougar Mellencamp tee unless you want to get punched in the face.

  1. When you’re annoyed by kindergarten illustrations

“Take the sunglasses off the sun. It makes no sense. The sun is the only thing that never needs sunglasses.”

  1. When you’re just so, so Catholic

“I’m so Catholic, I don’t even trust this new pope.”

  1. When you just love nature so much

“I fear the ocean out of respect.”

  1. When your taste in men is extremely specific

“No man is ‘hot.’ Paul Newman was handsome, but that’s about it.”

  1. When all you want to do is watch Netflix all day

“It’s really annoying for me because I gotta put on pants and a shirt and shoes.”

  1. When you’re mad at Fox for letting go of The Mindy Project but happy with Hulu for saving it

“I’ve got Mindy fever!”

  1. When you love the Yankees more than most people

“The worst place in the world is Fenway Park.”

  1. When the quote speaks for itself

“I wanna talk, but I’m really hungry.”

  1. When your reputation from high school gym class precedes you for the rest of your life

“I heard my name. Was that a sweating joke?”

  1. When you’re a woman who doesn’t feel empowered

“You’re a woman, and that’s good. Look like a woman.”

  1. When pizza is the one, true bae

“Don’t you dare disrespect my pizza oven!”

  1. When you think you understand the mysteries of childbirth

“Is this the kind of guy who’s gonna get grossed out when you give birth, or is he gonna dry your forehead and tell you you look beautiful while all that disgusting stuff is coming out of you?”

  1. When you need someone to admit to a crush

“I think you harbor some very personal, un-lamp-like feelings for me.”

  1. When you’re literally the weirdest person in the room

“Just get one with the skirt like the moms at the pool.”

  1. When you finally understand what love is

“You know you’re right for someone when they force you to be the best version of yourself.”

  1. When you have to console yourself after leaving a birthday party early

“You’ll find other opportunities to eat cake.”

  1. When you get sentimental

“Sometimes, the best gifts don’t cost anything.”

  1. When you’re trying to explain the Bible to people

“No, Jesus didn’t have a roommate. He lived with his ma.”

  1. When you want to be super safe outside

“Fine. I’m wearing my bicycle helmet, in case there’s an earthquake.”

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