A Ranking of Side One of The Beatles’ ‘White Album’

Photo Credit: morguefile.com

Photo Credit: morguefile.com

17. “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da”

Fun Fact: Lennon wrote this as a poke at McCartney. He thought all of McCartney’s songs were too happy.

16. “Don’t Pass Me By”

Fun Fact: Ringo Starr wrote this and performed this alone. He had never written a Beatles song before this point.

15. “Piggies”

Fun Fact: George Harrison’s mother created the song’s line, “What they need’s a damn good whacking.”

14. “Wild Honey Pie”

Fun Fact: The instruments and vocals on this 53-second track are all done by McCartney.

13. “The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill”

Fun Fact: This track features the first female vocal in a Beatles track. The voice belongs to artist (and Lennon’s wife), Yoko Ono.

12. “Glass Onion”

Fun Fact: Other Beatles songs, such as “Lady Madonna,” “Strawberry Fields Forever,” “Fixing a Hole,” “I Am the Walrus,” and “The Fool on the Hill” are referenced in these lyrics.

11. “Happiness Is a Warm Gun”

Fun Fact: The BBC banned the use of this song because they considered the “gun” to be a phallic symbol.

10. “Why Don’t We Do It in the Road?”

Fun Fact: McCartney wrote this song as a poke at Lennon. He thought that all of Lennon’s songs were about having a lot of sex.

9. “Martha My Dear”

Fun Fact: Martha was the name of McCartney’s dog.

8. “I’m So Tired”

Fun Fact: The mumbled nonsense at the end of this track has been heard as, “Paul is dead, man, miss him.” This did nothing but add more fuel to the rumors that the real McCartney was dead and replaced with a lookalike when the band was getting their start.

7. “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”

Fun Fact: The guitarist on this song is Eric Clapton.

6. “Back in the U.S.S.R.”

Fun Fact: Originally, the title to this song was, “Backin’ the U.S.S.R.” showing support to the nation.

5. “Rocky Raccoon”

Fun Fact: The song’s protagonist was originally named “Rocky Sassoon” but Paul McCartney changed it to give the character more of a cowboy personality.

4. “Julia”

Fun Fact: This was the first song Lennon recorded by himself when he was still a member of The Beatles.

3. “Blackbird”

Fun Fact: In the movie/musical Across the Universe, Lucy (Evan Rachel Wood) sings this song about her brother, Max (Joe Anderson), who has just returned from fighting in the Vietnam War.

2. “I Will”

Fun Fact: This song was recorded 67 times before they decided to use the 65 take on the album.

1. “Dear Prudence”

Fun Fact: John Lennon wrote the lyrics to this song, and the handwritten copy was worth over $19k in 1987, seven years after Lennon’s death.

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  1. Debra Frankkovich says:

    The BEATLES, AWESOME songs and facts…Dear Prudence definitely worth it, and more!

  2. Sparkle Cohen says:

    …love the fun facts!

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