‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’ is Refreshingly Hysterical

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Bottom line: You’d have to be pretty cold-hearted to not find yourself belly laughing from humor and tearing from sympathy while watching this film.

Whether you have followed along with the life of “Bridget Jones” via her prequels over the past decade or two, or you are brand spanking new to the story all together, be prepared to go through a roller coaster of emotions every few minutes during this two hour long, Rated R, romantic comedy.

The film, ‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’, which premieres tomorrow, September 16th, covers all the bases that any typical woman would want – British accents (complete with eccentric English jargon), a refreshingly unconventional movie heroine being fought over by two equally gorgeous & devastatingly romantic men, random one-night-stands, ride-or-die friendships, and a guest appearance by Ed Sheeran. Let’s be honest, Universal Pictures really hit the nail on the head with this one.

Photo thanks to Universal Pictures

Renee Zellweger as Bridget Jones, celebrating her 43rd birhtday. (Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures)

Bridget Jones, played perfectly & unapologetically quirkily by Renee Zellweger, is an English woman who just turned 43 years old. And, to her mother’s dismay, Jones has no husband, no boyfriend, and no bun in the oven. Determined to forget about her age and lack of love life, Jones and her best friend go on a wild birthday trip to prove she’s still as young and vivacious as ever.

But after a random hook up with a charming American man at a music festival, and re-hooking up with her ex-love of her life several days later, Jones soon found herself in quite the predicament – pregnant with no clue which one is the father. And, of course, the eco-friendly and biodegradable condoms she had purchased ages ago was the culprit to blame. Thus, Jones and her two equally gorgeous salt & pepper haired heart throbs, begin their 9 month journey through Jones’s pregnancy, all while wondering which one will be a DNA match.

As cheesy as the movie’s plot and lead characters are, there is an unmistakably attractive wit and charm about the entire script, which made it able to hold up to all the 21st century “rom-coms” of today. And, oddly enough, there is something extremely gratifying about being able to watch several people in their forties figure out what to make of their love lives, despite how “put-together” their lives seem on paper.

All the while, viewers are left with the overall message that the “baby-daddy” was really irrelevant to the equation (feminists everywhere, rejoice!), and that Jones’s relationship with herself, and new love for her baby, are all that truly ever matter. Because of her pregnancy, Jones becomes more and more confident with the person she is, and her place in this life. And that is something we all can agree to aspire to.

With that said, director Sharon Maguire did a remarkable job of creating a film with a very well-rounded cast with undeniable chemistry, and movie-moments that are impossible to not fall head-over-heels in love with. Forgive us if we can’t help but want to watch the story all over again.

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