Cameron Diaz and Jimmy Fallon Photo Bomb Strangers!

Photo Credit:  Abby Lucas

Photo Credit: Abby Lucas

What’s better than a beautiful family picture at the Top of the Rock in New York City? How about your picture getting photo bombed by the gorgeous Cameron Diaz and the insanely hilarious Jimmy Fallon?  That’s exactly what happened to a group of unsuspecting tourists. On Wednesday night, the 41 year old actress participated in a segment on the Tonight Show.

The show taped the segment last week.  The prank included including complete strangers to pose in a picture for NBC’s Top of the Rock website. Had to be convincing don’t you think? While the strangers posed for the pictures, Fallon and Diaz snuck up behind the tourists.The result? Some of the best photo bombs I’ve ever seen.

Most of the tourists did not notice Fallon and Diaz in the background doing outrageous things such as Charlie’s Angels poses and taking selfies in the background. In good old Jimmy fashion when talking about the experience during the show he added “It was so fun.”

Although most were clueless, few savvy strangers did catch the hilarious duo in the act. Their reactions were priceless, check them out.

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