Dave Grohl Sings To Crying Foo Fighters Fan

Credit: morguefile.com

Credit: morguefile.com

We love Dave Grohl. It seems like every time the Foo Fighters are trending on social media, it’s because Dave Grohl did something incredibly sweet or endearing.

This time, the singer brought a concertgoer in Colorado onstage when he spotted the fan crying in the crowd during the band’s acoustic version of “My Hero.”

The fan’s name was Anthony. Nobody is really sure if Anthony was just really emotional from the song, or if alcohol was involved, but Grohl definitely enjoyed making Anthony’s night.

There was obviously a little bit of teasing involved as well, but how often do you see a grown man who is secure enough to openly cry in public?

We appreciate you, Anthony.

When Grohl spotted him in the crowd, he teasingly said, “I know you’re drunk, don’t cry. Are you crying right now? You’re f**king crying aren’t you? (Laughs) I love you man, look at you, holy sh*t.”

It was at that point that the band decided to bring Anthony onstage.

Grohl said, “You know what, f**k that speech I was just going to make, I’m singing this sh*t to you right now. I’m gonna sing this f**king song right in your face, man to man, prison style… Me and you.” Aw!

As you may have expected, once Anthony got onstage, his tears didn’t stop; he just got more emotional.

The Foo Fighters were serenading him. Don’t act like you wouldn’t get emotional too!

Grohl told Anthony earlier, “Don’t make me cry, because I promised I wouldn’t do this.” But, when the singer sang “My Hero” as a duet with the fan, Grohl seemed all smiles.

The man just enjoys making other people happy…and we love him for that!

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