Gaye Vs. Thicke Part 2

Photo Credit: Don Bowers for Getty/Samsung

Photo Credit: Don Bowers for Getty/Samsung

The saga between singer Marvin Gaye’s family and singer Robin Thicke continues. A U.S. District Judge recently handed down a decision that upholds the verdict given to the Gaye family over the copying of “Got to Give It Up”, in Thicke’s huge hit “Blurred Lines”. The Gaye family won the original trial back in March, where Thicke and singer Pharrell Williams, who was also in the song, did not willfully and plan copyright infringement, but did copy major portions of the Gaye record, and the family were awarded $7.4 million.

Besides denying a new trial for Thicke and Williams, U.S. District Judge John Kronstadt, also granted the Gaye family’s request to add rapper T.I., who was also on the record, and the record companies UMG, Interscope, and Star Trak Entertainment to the judgement.

Unfortunately for the Gaye family, they were not able to have the song removed from all distribution, but they were instead awarded 50% of all songwriting and publishing royalties. The judgement was also reduced from $7.4 million to $5.3 million. Thicke and Williams are still working on appealing the original ruling.


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