How to Build the Perfect Man Cave on a Budget

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OK, so you’re a guy with enough space to create your very own man cave, but you’ve got no idea where to start. You know what you like, you know what your buddies like, but how can you create a sanctuary that covers all the bases?

Naturally, one of the biggest hurdles you’ll have to overcome when you’re building your man cave is money. Virtually everyone will have a budget, so we’ve put together a list of ideas, products and suggestions that should help you make a marvelous man cave without breaking the bank.

The Place Where the Money Flows

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Now, since we’re all adults here, we all know the best games are often those that involve some money. Poker is a great option and the average tabletop poker set can cost as little as $50.

But what if you fancy something a little different? Creating your own mini casino used to be either expensive or impossible; however, thanks to the Internet, it’s now pretty easy. Assuming you have a laptop and a connected TV, you can become a member of bgo casino and ante-up in a variety of games.

The range of online slots at bgo is more than enough to keep you spinning for hours. In fact, in keeping with the idea of a budget man cave, you can actually get 20 free spins when you join the site. Moreover, you can play slots like Iron Man and Gladiator (which have six-figure jackpots) from as little as $0.10 per spin.

Once you’ve worked your way through bgo’s 300+ slot games, you can try your hand at some other casino favourites. From All American video poker at Ladbrokes or Bonus Keno at Mr Smith, there are literally hundreds of online games out there that will help you create your very own man-cave casino.

The Place Where the Amber Nectar Rests

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You can’t have a man cave without a cooler of some description. One of the golden rules of any man-orientated space is that you must have some ice cool beers to hand at all times. Whether it’s a refreshing drink on a summer’s day or a pre-game beer with your buddies, every man cave needs an alcohol store.

Short of building your own bar, there are two options for the beer lovers among you. The first is to purchase a mini fridge designed by the likes of Budweiser. Capable of storing 20+ bottles, these fridges are great for those that like to pull and drink.

If you’re more of a draft drinker, then EdgeStar has the answer in the form of the Kegerator ($479). Essentially a fridge with a tap on the top, this device will house a standard beer keg (around 21 pints) and allow you to pull perfect pints from its fully functioning tap.

The Place Where the Sporting Action Goes Down

Photo Credit: Flickr/goldberg

Photo Credit: Flickr/Goldberg

The final thing you’ll need in your man cave is a TV or two. When you’re all casino’d out and the big game is about to start, you need a TV capable of streaming the latest live action. Whether it’s the Super Bowl or the NBA playoffs, any self-respecting man cave needs a HD TV.

Although we’re trying to stay within a reasonable budget, a quality TV is one item you shouldn’t be afraid to spend a little extra on. As we all know, size matters, so if you’re in the market for something that’s big on quality and price, then the Vizio P-Series is a great option.

Priced at $899.99, this TV was given a 9 for performance and value by Cnet and described as a set that “competes well” against “much more-expensive TVs”.

So there you have it, with a few neat tricks, a little effort and a grand vision, you too can have your very own man cave without breaking the bank.

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