Indie Artist Amelia Scalies: “I Should’ve Known” Album Review

Amanda Scalies

“I Should’ve Known,” the first full-length album by 14-year-old indie singer-songwriter and musician, Amelia Scalies (pronounced Skah-Lease); is a phenomenal eclectic piece of work that will draw the attention of any alternative rock junkie and anyone else that can appreciate great music with a mainstream sound.

Scalies, a native of Philadelphia, PA, has proven herself to be wise beyond her years by crafting songs that focus on life experiences and universal themes including, liberation, love and individuality; sans the overtly sexual innuendos that’s commonly implemented in today’s music by teen artists. On “I Should’ve Known,” Scalies also focuses on overcoming bullies, betrayal, and heartbreak.

One thing is for sure, Scalies may be underground now, but the trajectory that she is on predicts that she will be a mainstream artist soon. The LP kicks off with “Bottom of The Ocean,” a track about one who has been abandoned by her so-called friends.

Scalies conveys the feelings of pain brought on by the abandonment, through her words, “My entire world has vanished now and all I can see is you, I thought you was my friend/now I-I-I-I-I-I am invisible.” The mood of the album shifts on the angry alt-rock ballad “Phoenix,” here, Scalies stands up to a friend who commits assault and battery to her heart in an attempt to break her down, but the offensive friend cannot win because she is like the phoenix that can always be reborn.

Scalies delivers strong sturdy vocals whilst singing the hook, “I’m not your ghost anymore, can’t be thrown around by you anymore/you can try and hurt me but you’re never going to burn me/’cause I’ll stay a phoenix being born from the ashes again. The song depicts the singer as being courageous and relentless. “More Than Words,” the leading single on the album, is a lovable track that’s hard not to dance to thanks to the fun, up-tempo instrumentation.

Although the song is definitely a radio friendly, head banging record; the instrumentation may be a distraction from the words that’s being sung. The tempo of the album comes to a sudden calm on the light-hearted “Rose Blossom,” a song that explores the feelings of true love. Scalies’ vocal similarity to Alanis Morissette is very much present on this track.

The dreamy, mild tempo instrumentation, sort of “rocks” the listener while the singer reminisces of a memorable summer spent with a sweetheart whom she misses dearly.  Country rock inspired tracks like “Macy Brown (Green-Eyed Girl)” and “What I Should’ve Said,” showcases Scalies’ vocal versatility at best!

The singer finishes strong on the encouraging “Don’t Let Them Win,” which urges listeners to be strong and demand respect from their bullies. The strumming of the single acoustic guitar and soft militant drums, gives the song a feeling of nobility. In short, “I Should’ve Known” is a remarkable album that deserves an A. The LP puts Amelia Scalies on the map as a burgeoning musical genius with a future that’s brighter than the sun.

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