Kendall Jenner Has a Pretty Great Response to Feminist Question

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This past year has been great for pop culture feminism. Beyoncé stood behind those big, flashing letters – FEMINIST. Emma Watson gave a beautiful speech at He for She. Television shows like The 100, Arrow, and Parks and Recreation reminded us that women don’t have to fit into cookie cutter, Leave It to Beaver molds anymore. So, it made sense that in an interview with the Sunday Times, reporter Ruby Warrington asked the elder Jenner if she considered herself a feminist. What Jenner said was kind of perfect.

“I don’t know much about it, so I can’t really speak on it,” she remarked.

It’s easy to picture angry, Tumblr feminists slamming on their keyboards, asking what Jenner’s problem is. But isn’t it possible that the 19-year-old fashion mogul doesn’t have a problem at all? In fact, her response was pretty awesome.

We’re always afraid to say that we don’t know something or we don’t understand. As humans, ignorance is this overpowering fear – third behind public speaking and death. Jenner just revealed that she doesn’t have that. Don’t ask her if she’s a feminist because she can’t give you an answer yet. She hasn’t done the reading. Now, she didn’t say she never will, but she hasn’t yet. And she’s got time to make a decision.

Jenner wouldn’t be the first celebrity to be questioned about feminism. Last summer, Shailene Woodley (The Fault in Our Stars, Divergent series) was under some serious fire after claiming she’s not a feminist because men and women “need balance.” The comment, to most people who identify as feminists, is contradictory. Years ago, singer Taylor Swift gave a similar answer, but now that she’s grown, she’s fully recognized her misunderstanding. Jenner just skipped the misunderstanding and skipped right to admitting she’s not sure. Isn’t that kind of brave?

Jenner and her younger sister, Kylie, have a new clothing line at the famous Topshop.

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One Response to Kendall Jenner Has a Pretty Great Response to Feminist Question

  1. Debra says:

    Agree! It is not only truthful, but refreshing
    to have someone admit to not knowing something. There’s too much pressure on people to respond without having enough information.

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