Miley Cyrus Came Out Looking Better Than Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars?!

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Jennifer Lawrence has tripped her way into our hearts. She wears clumsiness and imperfections so well doesn’t she? Well, the Oscar nominated actress has done something else to make her adorable presence known. No, no she has not tripped again. She has done something…let’s just say a little unappealing.

The American Hustle actress was nominated for Best Actress, that entitles her to let loose and party a bit doesn’t it?! Well, Jen did just that, but maybe went a smidge over the deep end.

On an April 21st taping of the May 21st episode of Late Night with Seth Myers, Jen told Myers she attended the March 2nd star studded event with her childhood best friend Laura Simpson. She also admitted that while at the event she was “wasted.”

After the show was over Jen attended an after party hosted by none other than the legendary Madonna. What I have personally always loved about Jen is how down to Earth she is. She acts like she is straight out of high school and surrounded by celebrities, when she is a well-known movie star herself! Jen says one of the highlights of her night was that she got to smell Brad Pitt. Her comments about that experience were nothing other than charming; she goes on to say “He smelled like Sandalwood.”

The night seemed to be going splendidly, but it would not be a Hollywood event if good old Jen did not make it memorable. Instead of her usual graceful trip and fall she decided to spice it up a bit. She tossed her cookies right on Madonna’s staircase! I could imagine that was quite a sight to see. You know you partied way too hard when the party animal herself, Miley Cyrus, comes up behind you and tells you “Get it together girl!” Words of wisdom from the goddess herself.

You can always count on Jen to make a star studded event even better than anticipated to be! Keep your head up Jen everyone tosses their cookies at one point or another; you just have constant attention on your escapades.

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