Ranking All the Songs on Green Day’s ‘Dookie’

Photo Credit: morguefile.com

Photo Credit: morguefile.com

15. “F.O.D.”

Fun Fact: If you listen to the song, you will immediately know what “F.O.D.” stands for.

14. “All by Myself”

Fun Fact: Sometimes, this song is attached to the track before it, but not always. It is not currently featured on any vinyl pressings of Dookie.

13. “Emenius Sleepus”

Fun Fact: Microsoft Word does not register either of these words in its dictionary.

12. “Sassafras Roots”

Fun Fact: Fans think this song is about a relationship that neither party cares about very much.

11. “Pulling Teeth”

Not So Fun Fact: The band says that this is a “tongue-in-cheek” song about abusive relationships. They wrote it after a genuinely playful pillow fight between bassist Mike Dirnt and his girlfriend at the time.

10. “Having a Blast”

Not So Fun Fact: Singer Billie Joe Armstrong says this song is about his personal struggles with anxiety and depression while the band recorded the album.

9. “In the End”

Fun Fact: As a kind of trick, this is not the last song on the album.

8. “Burnout”

Fun Fact: Though you might think it’s the album’s major hit, “Basket Case,” this is actually the first song on the album.

7. “Chump”

Fun Fact: Reportedly, Armstrong was inspired to write this song when one of the girls he liked had a boyfriend.

6. “Coming Clean”

Fun Fact: Armstrong wrote this from the point of view of a queer teenager afraid to come out. It’s possible the song is about himself, as Armstrong is bisexual.

5. “When I Come Around”

Fun Fact: Green Day’s other guitar player, Jason White, is featured in the music video for this song.

4. “Longview”

Fun Fact: To this day, many radio stations air the explicit line, “I smell like sh*t,” which is murmured near the track’s end.

3. “Welcome to Paradise”

Fun Fact: Originally, this song was featured on Green Day’s 1992 album, Kerplunk.

2. “Basket Case”

Not So Fun Fact: This song was inspired by panic attacks that Armstrong had while growing up.

1. “She”

Fun Fact: Armstrong says that “She” is one of his favorite songs, and he will play it for the rest of his life.

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