Roger Daltrey Calls out Marijuana-Smoking Audience Member

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On Wednesday night at the Nassau Coliseum in New York, Roger Daltrey, leading man for The Who, called out an audience member for smoking marijuana. Apparently, Daltrey could smell it from the stage. The 71-year-old musician apparently stated (amid a myriad of unprintable words), “It’s your choice. I can’t do anything about it.”

Daltrey’s reaction seems ironic. He and his contemporaries were part of the counterculture movement spread around the world in the 1960s and 70s. At times, counterculture involved drug use. Perhaps what they say is true – you get more conservative with time.

Currently, The Who is on tour celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of My Generation, their first album.

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One Response to Roger Daltrey Calls out Marijuana-Smoking Audience Member

  1. Debra Frankkovich says:

    Great comments! Yes, it does seem ironic, and there is truth to the observation of people becoming more conservative with time, but also the passage of time results in experience and confrontation of life’s realities that makes a person want to share with others.

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