“Sheer Awesomeness”: How J.K. Rowling Handled Homophobic Comment on Twitter

Photo Credit: morguefile.com

Photo Credit: morguefile.com

Yet again, J.K. Rowling has proven she’s the Queen of Twitter by responding to a homophobic remark by the Westboro Baptist Church. You know them; they’re the ones back in the 90s who convinced you that Tinky-Winky, one of the Teletubbies, was gay. The group’s Twitter account reached out to Rowling, writing that she wanted to see “Dumbledore (one of the most important characters in Rowling’s Harry Potter series who is gay) and Gandalf (Lord of the Rings) marry in Ireland.” This tweet was of course triggered by Ireland’s legalization of marriage equality late last week. Rowling was having none of that Westboro small-mindedness.

She fired back that the “sheer awesomeness” of their marriage in Ireland would blow the Westboro Baptist Church’s “tiny bigoted minds out of their thick… skulls.” After a tweet like that, it’s easy to see where Harry Potter gets his sass. We applaud Rowling for her love of all people and, of course, her way with words.

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