What the ‘Harry Potter’ Characters Would Do at American, Muggle University

Photo Credit: Flickr

Photo Credit: Flickr

Harry Potter: The Chosen One would major in business. We know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that Mr. Potter would want to do something more exciting with his education. But Harry is so tired of all that saving the world stuff that he would want to do something practical. Statistics classes sound like a dream to him after all that stressful, Defense against the Dark Arts.


Ron Weasley: We have no doubt that Ron would look up from his food in the dorm cafeteria and be like, “I have to pick a major? What?” He would struggle for the first year and a half of college, considering majoring in business just so he could hang out with Harry a little more. Eventually, Ron would stumble across the campus improv group and fall in love. He’d decide to be a drama major almost immediately. After all, it suits his big personality.


Hermione Granger: The brightest witch of her age would struggle harder than anyone else when it comes to picking a major. Like her doppelganger, Emma Watson (who portrayed Hermione in the Potter films), she would initially really want to major in English. But she would realize it’s not the most practical major, and she’s definitely smart and determined enough to be a doctor. She leans toward biology. But she doesn’t want to give up her passion. By graduation, Hermione has a double major in English and biology with a double minor in political science and women’s and gender studies. Just so she can be the most well rounded student ever.


Ginny Weasley: A natural athlete, Ginny would go into university wanting a physical education degree. She’d be a much better P.E. teacher than Madam Hooch… let’s be real, here. Ginny would also go for a minor in sports medicine.


Draco Malfoy: After eighteen years of doing literally whatever his father told him to, Draco would rebel in college. He’d major in something his father would never approve of… like music. That’s it. Draco is a music major and a philosophy minor, giving the Malfoy family a heart attack.


Neville Longbottom: We know how much Neville loves plants, so it’s really no surprise he majored in biology at American, Muggle university. Immediately after, he would get a master’s degree in education.


Luna Lovegood: This freethinking lady wouldn’t want to major in anything for a long time, but then, she would fall in love with art history. Luna would always participate in the university art show. She would minor in anthropology because even though she’s not like most of them, Luna sure does love learning about people.


Cho Chang: This Ravenclaw would also have a hard time determining what to major in, too. Ultimately, she’d decide to hell with traditional academics, she’s majoring in fashion. It seems like Cho to make a big, sweeping movement like that.


Colin Creevey: Colin would go to a school where majoring in photography is an option.


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