Which Team Will Kevin Durant Join?

Credit: Morgue File

Credit: Morgue File

This summer Kevin Durant will become the hottest free agent in basketball. This will make Durant the most wanted player available to the other basketball teams. The Oklahoma City Thunder player has kept any aspirations to join another team to himself making people more anxious. One of the teams that are eyeing the 27 year old basketball player are the Stan Antonio Spurs. The San Antonio team’s interest was reported by Marc Stein and Zach Lowe. According to Lowe and Stein, “There is a working assumption among KD’s would-be suitors that a second round Thunder exit essentially cinches the notion that he’ll indeed walk away and look for the best external situation that positions him to win that elusive first championship.”

Is there a possibility that the Spurs would steal Durant during the summer? Maybe, we could never rule that out because in the field of professional sports anything can happen. Should Durant play for the Spurs? Why not? The Spurs are one of the most respected teams in basketball.

There is also another team that seems to be a part of the conversation that is the Golden State Warriors. Whenever the topic of Durant and his future with basketball comes up the Golden State Warriors come up as well. The Golden State Warriors have become the topic of conversation. They are considered a really good team that is ruining the NBA because in one week they beat the Cavaliers, the Spurs and the Bulls. All great teams and they beat them by 25 points or more putting these great teams to shame. It only makes sense that they are an apart of the conversation of which team Durant will sign with this summer.

Which team will Durant sign with? This is the question being asked not only by basketball fans but also by players and anyone with an interest in him and what he can bring to the table. If anybody knows Durant as a player they know that he is one of basketball’s best player anywhere he goes the team will be more than happy to have him.

Since Durant has kept any discussion about his free agency at bay the world of basketball will be waiting and tuning in for his decision. When the time comes for him to make a decision and tell the world it will be a surprise for many people.

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