9th Ave. International Food Festival Recap

Photo Source: Ade Hennis/THZ Library

Photo Source: Ade Hennis/THZ Library

One event that went highly unnoticed this past weekend in New York was the 9th Ave. International Food Festival. You couldn’t find another event in the city that was offering more exotic foods than this on Saturday and Sunday. This festival had vendors throughout 42nd St. to 57 St., which nearly took up a mile of Manhattan with foods and many other products to choose from. The prices are fairly reasonable, but what makes this event even more enjoyable are the huge free samples vendors give away. Not only will the samples fill you up quickly, its extremely difficult not to buy anything, even on a full stomach. As I talked to multiple consumers, one thing many of them highly regretted was that they ate something before going to the event. Unfortunately, I also fell into to that group with those consumers.

Whether it was German sausage, Greek gyros, fried ice cream, or fried Oreos, there was something for everybody. There was even festivities just for children that they could enjoy.

Overall, this event can be a great experience for all people. Even if you go to the event with a empty wallet, you’ll likely leave the event with a full stomach.

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