Is Kale Toxic?

Photo Credit: Flickr

Photo Credit: Flickr

Kale is a popular vegetable that is consumed by many people, as it is thought to be very nutritious. However, yoga and wellness guru Lauren Imparato, who runs the popular I.AM.YOU. Studio in New York, says Kale may not be as healthy as many people think. Imparato says that our obsession with kale might be doing us more harm than good. Eating it in heavy sittings, or putting it in salads or juices, which most  people use raw kale, makes the problem even worse, according to Imparato.

Multiple problems like bloating, and gas issues can be caused by kale. And because it is a high oxalate food, Imparato claims that it can even lead to kidney stones. They can also affect your thyroid, which is the gland at the base of the neck that regulates metabolic process.

The plant contains goitrogens, which can cause the gland to enlarge by interfering with thyroid hormone synthesis, also known as hypothyroidism, or simply put, an under-active thyroid. The best thing to do with kale, Imparato says, is to eat in small portions with meals, and to cook it instead of eating it raw, which can include, steaming it or grilling it. And if the middle stem of the kale is cut out, it’s easier to digest. Kale is a great vegetable, so it maybe hard for people to take precaution, but consumer should beware.

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