J.C. Penney Doesn’t Promote Their Own Clothes?

photo credit:flickr.com

photo credit:flickr.com

A former J.C. Penney employee claims she was dismissed from work for wearing shorts she bought in the store’s career style section. Sylva Stoel is a 17 year old girl from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, that went to work one day, thinking she dressed appropriately for her job at J.C. Penney. Stoel says “I was at work for about 10 minutes before he approached me. He asked if anyone talked to me about dress code at orientation.” Her boss asked her how long it would take to go home and change, but instead of even attempting to go change, she quit immediately. She also says, “I bought [the shorts] thinking they were pretty professional. They didn’t show anything other than my legs, which I don’t think is too provocative.”

Shorts violate the store’s dress code for employees, but according to Stoel, she never learned that in orientation. The young former employee says that she’s fed up with dress codes that target women, and that other women throughout the world are also expressing their feelings. Stoel claims the whole topic is “blowing up.”  She continued by saying, “I’m very satisfied that people are paying attention to the cause and starting a discussion on dress codes in the workplace and at schools, and how we view women.”

Stoel says she agrees with dress code rules that aren’t gender specific, but not the ones that target women. “It’s always been an issue, but the Internet is making women feel like they can express their opinion,” she said. “We have a huge community of feminists who will share it and give it validation. What we’re doing isn’t wrong, it’s society that is wrong.” Stoel only worked at the store for approximately two weeks, and is now looking for a new job. She called out her boss on Twitter, but neither the boss or the company has issued a statement regarding Stoel’s situation. It seems ironic that employers would stop their employees from promoting their own products, but either way, hopefully Stoel can find a new job soon.

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