10 Things Never to Do When You’re Sad

PhotoCredit : Flickr

PhotoCredit : Flickr

  1. Don’t wear gray.

Seriously, how are you going to improve your mood by wearing such a sad color? You’ll feel better if you catch your reflection in a vibrant color, like red or yellow. Science says your mood switches when you see different colors, so why not give it a try in your own wardrobe?

  1. Don’t listen to Adele.

We know she’s got a great voice and a whole lot of soul. But 50% of Adele’s song catalogue is sad songs about lost loves and poor souls. Just while you’re feeling this way, we recommend a happy song, like Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.”

  1. Don’t watch Terms of Endearment or Steel Magnolias.

We really don’t know why you would be watching either of these movies in the first place, but if you’re already sad, why push your luck?

  1. Don’t just sit there.

Exercise! Exercise releases endorphins, which make you happy, and it can never hurt. You’ll improve your mood and your physical health all in one activity. Really, you can’t go wrong when you step on that treadmill for half an hour.

  1. Don’t keep it to yourself.

Chances are, somebody out there who loves you is going to want to listen. Don’t be afraid to take that chance! You might be surprised who can help.

  1. Don’t stay inside.

Even if it’s not a sunny, Sesame Street day, the fresh air will do you good. You’ll feel accomplished, motivated, and all the other good things in between. Go you!

  1. Don’t forget about your guilty pleasure show.

We know how much you love The Brady Bunch. Go ahead. Watch that episode where they put on a production of Snow White in their backyard. We won’t hold it against you, especially if it makes you feel better.

  1. Don’t resist dessert.

Maybe you need a hot fudge sundae today. It will all be fine.

  1. Don’t be afraid to resort to retail therapy.

OK, don’t put your bank account in more jeopardy than Alex Trebek himself can handle, but maybe buy a little, happy something for yourself. It might do the trick or at least help you get there!

  1. Don’t try to worsen anyone else’s mood.

In the end, you’ll just feel guilty. This is about improving your mood right now, not hurting others. Help others. You’ll also be helping yourself!

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