Eat Protein To Lower Stroke Risk

Photo Credit: Flickr

Photo Credit: Flickr

Everyone loves protein right? We eat it at every meal, sometimes not even knowing. We make special meals with high protein in them. A new study has shown eating protein can reduce the risk of stroke. How about that?

Eating a high protein diet significantly lowers the risk of stroke. It is calculated that it can prevent 10,000 deaths in Britain every year a new study has shown.

Consuming one chicken breast, or even a salmon fillet reduces the risk of stroke by 20%. And for every additional 20 grams per day of protein that people ate, their risk of stroke decreased a further 26%. How cool is that!

“If everyone’s protein intake were at this level, that would translate to more than 1.4 million fewer deaths from stroke each year worldwide, plus a decreased level of disability from stroke, “ said study author Dr. Xinfeng Liu, of Nanking University of Medicine in Nanjing, China.

“The amount of protein that led to the reduced risk was moderate, equal to 20 grams per day.”

Researchers followed 254,489 people for an average of 14 years and monitored their diets and health. Dr. Liu said that people should avoid red meat, which has been associated with increased stroke risk.

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