Ebola Could Become Worse Combining With Malaria

Photo Credit: Flickr

Photo Credit: Flickr

While the death toll rises in West Africa among the worst Ebola outbreak another threat is compounding the problem. Rain season will come soon and malaria comes with it.

In Sierra Leone a dreadful population is failing to seek medical attention for any diseases. If they have malaria they don’t want to go near a hospital and if they think it is Ebola, they don’t believe the hospitals can help them so they instead turn to traditional healers.

It has become a tremendous challenge complicated by the fact that Ebola, malaria and cholera share common symptoms including fever and vomiting, which can cause confusion among patients, said Cyprien Fabre, head of the West Africa office of the European Commission’s humanitarian aid department.

“We now have increased mortality for these other diseases” as well, Fabre said by telephone from Freetown, the country’s capital.

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