Risk Of Alzheimer’s Affected By Sleep Position?

Photo Credit: Morguefile.com

Photo Credit: Morguefile.com

New research suggests that the position you sleep on may affect your risk for Alzheimer’s disease. People that sleep on their sides, instead of their back or front, appear able to clear out more chemical clutter in their brain while asleep. Researchers say that since many animals and people tend to sleep on their sides the most, it could be an evolutionary way of attempting to protect the brain.

While a person sleeps, the brain vigorously works to remove toxins that are produced while we are awake. As the toxins build up and compound, they can result in Alzheimer’s, and other neurological diseases. So sleeping on your side, as opposed to your back or stomach likely removes brain waste more effectively.

According to research from the University of Rochester in New York, the brain has it’s own unique way of removing toxins, unlike the rest of the body. Dr. Maiken Nedergaard, who led that study, claims that sleeping in a side position was “an important practice to help reduce the chances of developing Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other neurological diseases,” and that it was a more “consistent” way to reduce the amount of toxins in the brain. It’s a good thing most people already sleep on their sides, hopefully more people start to do it as well.

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