Have You Tried The Belly Button Challenge?

Phot Credit: Google Images

Phot Credit: Google Images

There have been some rather peculiar trends lately, and they just keep on getting more interesting. There was the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge, people sucking on a cup or glass to get bigger lips, then there’s the Charlie Charlie Challenge, people trying to summon spirits. Now there is the Belly Button Challenge. This bizarre trend involves users trying to touch their belly buttons by reaching behind their back and around their waist. It seems through social media, that the challenge is meant to show a person’s in shape, but people question whether the trick to the challenge is just having flexible arms or a skinny waist.

The Belly Button Challenge started on Weibo, a social media network that is basically the Twitter for China. The challenge started trending Thursday night all around China and it took off from there. Since then, people all over the world including Russia, Vietnam and America, have been uploading their attempts to reach their navels on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and other types of social media. There are some people that are concerned that the challenge is promoting harmful misconceptions about a person’s health.

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