How To Wear White After Labor Day



The “no wearing white after labor day” rule has been passed down from generation to generation. Over time, this rule has become more null and void. Especially since fashion trends are constantly changing. Now, more stores are selling apparel in white, so what do we do? Should we stick to the rule and bypass that warm sweater or perfect pair of jeans? Or should we break the rules and buy that cute, white shirt hanging in the window display? I say take a chance if and ONLY if the apparel is season appropriate.

Here are some tips:

Wear white pants that are denim material. Do not wear pants made of silk, linen, or shiny material. White jeggings/leggings are a big NO! Pair the jeans with dark colors such as blue, grey, and black.

Wear white or cream shirts/sweaters/jackets with dark bottoms (jeans, pants, skirt). Cream is usually a better option since the hue is not as loud and distinct as white. Wearing a white or cream top is okay during the fall and winter season because of the holidays.

White shoes or boots are a NO-Go for me, but if an occasion calls for it, and you do not have a choice, then carefully pair the shoes with either dark blue or black pants and a matching jacket or blazer. Compliment the outfit with a white shirt to balance the shoes. This will prevent the loud pop of color from being awkwardly noticeable.

White dresses are frowned upon this time of year. Again, if you are attending an event or special occasion, try a cream or off white dress. Compliment it with brown or black accessories.

If you would like to accessorize your outfit, I recommend not sporting brightly colored shades or shoulder bags. They are better suited for the summer time. However you can sport brown, black, dark blue, dark red, and forest green colors for shades, scarves, and handbags. Feel free to wear a white belt (it helps separate the top and bottom, bringing attention to your figure). Silver, white gold, and yellow gold accessories are always welcome.

“Don’t wear white after labor day” is a thing of the past. It’s a new day and times have changed. So go out into the world and show off your fashion sense with confidence!

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