Logitech Expands By Creating New ‘Logi’ Brand

Credit: Morguefile.com

Credit: Morguefile.com

The major tech company, Logitech, is completely re-branding this week and it’s launching a new sub-brand called Logi.

The new look includes a brighter color palette and a new logo design that is more simple and more modern than the previous one.

However, I know you’re probably wondering, “why chop the name in half?”

Well, according to the company’s Vice President, Charlotte Johs, the ‘tech’ part of Logitech “doesn’t say anything.” When she told this to Gizmodo, she explained that technology is a part of everything nowadays.

Technology is so integrated with our modern culture that it is practically invisible, so Johs insists that the ‘tech’ of Logitech is unnecessary because it’s not specific enough to give the company a unique identity.

So, the business’ new identity, via its sub-brand Logi, will aim to function better in our modern world where, “tech isn’t spoken anymore—it’s understood.”

Logitech is currently known for its keyboards, mice, gaming accessories, Ultimate Ears headphones and speakers, but apparently some more experimental projects are coming in the future.

These new projects will supposedly help to define Logi, since re-branding could potentially strip the company of its already-established identity.

Is that a risk that Logitech is willing to take?

We are interested to see if these ‘futuristic’ projects will live up to the hype. Plus, there are rumors that the ultimate goal is for Logi to take over for Logitech completely.

Do you think that’s a good idea? What are your thoughts on Logitech’s redesign?

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