Novak Djokovic Smells Marijuana At Rogers Cup Match

Photo cred: Morgue file

Photo credit: Morgue file

Don’t worry; Novak Djokovic still won his match on Saturday against French tennis player, Jeremy Chardy, despite the overwhelming smell of marijuana on the premises.

Yes, Djokovic complained to the referee about marijuana stinking up the court, claiming that it was making him “dizzy.”

The winner of this particular match would move on the final match of the Rogers Cup, so we can understand Djokovic’s frustration with the distracting stench.

Fortunately, after his win, the athlete adopted a more joking tone on the issue, claiming that, “I felt I was playing better as I was inhaling!”

If that’s the case, then Djokovic probably wishes that the secondhand high had lasted longer! After all, he ultimately lost that final match against British player, Andy Murray, on Sunday night.

Djokovic, 28, actually told reporters that he had smelled the drug multiple times during the Montreal tournament, most notably during the doubles matches the day before.

“Somebody’s really enjoying his life around the tennis court,” the player joked.

We have to admit, though, that maybe a tennis match isn’t the time or place for getting high. What do you think?

Check out the video that one audience member uploaded to YouTube of Djokovic confronting the match official about the smell. Our favorite part is when he starts playing charades with somebody off-court (just watch the video and you’ll see what we mean).

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