‘Stagefright’: Almost All Android Devices Can Be Hacked By One Text

Credit: Morgue File

Credit: Morgue File

It looks like there is more bad news for Android users.

After finding and patching up several holes in the Android phone’s security system back in April, this new problem that researchers just found may be a bit more problematic.

After all, reports indicate that it can affect up to 95 percent of Android phones!

So anybody who has Android version 2.2 or newer…listen up.

The bug is called ‘Stagefright,’ and it only needs one delivered multimedia message to get access to all of your data and photos.

Even scarier, perhaps, is the fact that the delivered text message doesn’t even have to be opened to take effect.

A bug that works without any interaction with a user may be the most dangerous kind.

Hypothetically, if you give the wrong person your phone number (because that’s the only information a hacker would need), they can text you the bug while you’re sleeping and then delete the message before you even wake up!

Then, you’d have an infected security system and you would have no idea.

The cyber-security firm that found the hole, Zimperium, plans to present its research on this Android vulnerability at the Black Hat and Def Con conferences in August.

Certain companies, like Silent Circle, a security firm in Switzerland, and Mozilla, the creator of Firefox, have patched up this issue already, but larger Android partners like Sony, Samsung, Motorola, and LG have not commented on the issue yet.

For now, Google has thanked Zimperium for alerting them of the bug and have reportedly provided patches “to partners, that can be applied to any device.”

So, has the crisis been averted? We sure hope so!

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