Teens Try To Maintain Friendships Offline

Credit: Morgue File

Credit: Morgue File

In today’s society, teenagers strongly depend on social media, cellphones and video games to connect with others and build friendships. Although, relationships that are made online or over the internet hardly ever makes it to the real world.

In a survey that the Pew Research Center conducted, it explained that more than half of 1,060 teens had made a friend online. More than a third of those teens had made several friendships. Only 1 in 5 reported that their friendship lasted off the internet.

This represents the communication skills that many of our teens have within society. An estimated three-quarters of teens surveyed had smartphones, and a similar amount reported using social media and instant messaging to connect with others, according to NBC News.

Fifty-nine percent were reported video chatting with their friends and playing games with friends online was an ultimate way of bonding with each other. Within this particular survey, males are usually the individuals who bond through video games and video chatting, according to NBC News.

Studies reveal that males are more likely to make friends online. For example, around 61 percent of males versus 52 percent of females. On the other hand, females were more likely to spend time communicating with friends online or posting on social media. Also, females are more likely to block or unfriend others.

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