The Action Seeker’s Camera: GoPro Releases Its Smallest Hero4 Yet



The GoPro Hero4 cameras are the go-to devices for adrenaline junkies and athletes who like to capture their adventures on video. Whether you’re a snowboarder, surfer, mountain biker, or cliff diver, GoPro wants these cameras to help you capture everything.

The newest GoPro Hero4 camera, the Session, comes out on July 12.

The Hero4 Session is the smallest GoPro camera yet, and it’s trying out a convenient new shape: the cube. Most cameras are rectangular, but GoPro is hoping that the cube-shaped Session will make it easier for users to attach to camera to their skateboards, helmets, or even to themselves to get the best footage possible.

The cube is 40 percent lighter than previous versions, weighing in at a compact 2.6 ounces, and has a battery life that far outlives the previous Hero4 Silver. This is because the camera turns off when it’s not recording.

However, this means that every time you hit record, there is a four-second lag time, which, to a thrill seeker, may be a very significant amount of time.

Another plus side to the new Hero4 Session is that it is waterproof without needing any extra case. This is a first for the GoPro action cameras and should save consumers some money.

Plus, the lack of extra casing means that the microphones work better, with the sound settings decreasing when the camera is submerged in water then turning up to full volume when the camera comes back to the surface.

The biggest downside, according to most reviewers, is that the new Hero4 Session had to decrease its quality in its effort for compactness.

The fact that the picture quality is not as high as the Hero4 Silver is unappealing to many consumers.

It ultimately comes down to which feature you find more relevant to your needs.

So, tell us thrill seekers, would you prefer the convenient small size or the higher-quality images in your action camera?

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