The Five Best Features Of The New Windows 10



Windows 10 was released on Wednesday! The long-awaited operating system was launched in over 190 countries and it looks like there is no plan for a Windows 11.

Many technology experts are saying that this is a great thing, because it means that Windows 10 will be continually updated and improved without making users wait for a completely new operating system for three more years.

So, in celebration of this huge release, we’ll share with you our five favorite features of the new Windows 10:

1) It’s free to users who already have Windows 7, 8, or 8.1! Plus, it is more universal, meaning that the system will run on PCs, tablets, laptops, and Score!

2) It will know your name and recognize your face. The new Windows 10 includes a program called Windows Hello and one of the coolest features of Windows Hello is that it removes the burden of memorizing a login password.

Now, when you log into a device that has the Windows 10 operating system, Windows Hello will recognize your face, specifically, allowing you to log in. Plus, it can also learn your fingerprint if that’s what you’d prefer!

3) The Start menu that Windows users know and love is back! It is on the left side of the homepage and includes Settings, Apps, Most Used, Recently Added, and even the Live Tiles from Windows 8 that can provide information on the weather and the news without any effort from the user.

4) Cortana. Microsoft’s Cortana is like Apple’s Siri, but better! Cortana will work on your phone and on you laptop or desktop! She will listen if you want to vocally ask her something, but then she will still respond if you’re in an environment where you can only type!

Plus, she wants to get to know you better. Cortana has a notebook feature where you can provide information that may help her find the answers that you, as and individual, are looking for.

The Cortana search box is below the start menu and will often show you results that you may be interested in seeing before you even ask a question. It’s like she can read your mind.

5) Internet Explorer has been retired and replaced with Edge. Edge is an Internet browser that will give webpages a lot more space on the screen, as it eliminates all of the unnecessary control buttons.

It kept History, Bookmarks, Private Browsing, Print, and ‘Find on Page,’ but got rid of most other features allowing you to feel more immersed in the content!

So, what are your favorite (and least favorite) features for the new Windows 10? Let us know, in the comments!

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