The Future Is Now: The Lexus Hoverboard



To anybody who doubted the reality of the hoverboard back in June, you better look again, because Lexus just “made the impossible, possible.”

Creating an actual hoverboard—what a great way to support its slogan!

The car company just released a test video of the invention and it looks amazing! Since the majority of comments on the video, however, are questioning the legitimacy of the footage, we decided to do some research.

We can assure the doubters, that this hoverboard is definitely real. It is very hard to ride though, and the current materials necessary to make it work are a bit unrealistic.

What we mean by that is, the hoverboard can only float over metal (or magnetic) surfaces. It works by defying gravity with magnets and a superconductor, so this hoverboard wouldn’t work in your average skate park or on any city sidewalks.

On the other hand, this system means that the hoverboard could hypothetically continue to move forever, with almost no resistance to slow it down.

So, how did the test riders stop hovering?

Well, most of them fell off and flipped the board over in the process. Apparently, you need incredible balance to ride this hoverboard, because as the rider in the video, Ross McGouran, told Top Gear, “the whole board teeters on a magnetic balance point just one centimeter wide, running lengthways down the middle.”

However, the other way that the board could stop hovering was if the liquid nitrogen ran out.

Liquid nitrogen is used to cool down the superconductor to -321 degrees Fahrenheit, so when that nitrogen runs out, the board stops levitating.

So, do you think you have what it takes to ride the Lexus hoverboard? If you have insanely strong abdominal muscles and the balance of a tightrope walker, maybe one day you’ll be able to give it a go!

At this point, though, as we previously mentioned, this hoverboard is not built for real life use.

For now, let’s just appreciate the fact that humans have built an actual hoverboard like something out of Back to the Future.

Check out the crazy invention and watch the video for yourself:

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