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Photo Credit: Universal Photos

Photo Credit: Universal Photos

Danny Boyle’s movie, Steve Jobs, is a biographical drama that you will find extremely witty. Written by Aaron Sorkin, this take on Apple’s CEO is not only about three major launches in Jobs’ career, but rather displays a glimpse of a tense relationship between him and a child he didn’t recognize as his own daughter until the very end.

Steve Jobs occurs around three launching moments in the innovator’s career. In 1984, he presents the Macintosh, in 1988 he reveals Next’s black cube, and lastly in 1998 introduces the iMac.

Personally, I wish it would have been a little more modern. We live in a society where technology has exceeded our expectations, and this movie barely scratches the surface.

Jobs is constantly trying to enhance the world of technology but we experience his falls and rises along the way, which he goes through with Joanna Hoffman (played by an amazing Kate Winslet.) When a demo doesn’t work at first, we watch him have a fit first hand. Of course, he didn’t leave anything unfinished, and eventually he gets it right. Co-founder, Steve Wozniak (played incredibly by Seth Rogen) occupies his time with the diminishing of the Apple II.

Although this movie was good, it didn’t capture the full effect Steve Jobs had on the world of technology. The relationship with his daughter that he later recognizes entirely, was a precious touch. The film is a great understanding of Jobs’ and the life he lived, but so much was left unsaid.

Lastly, a tribute for Steve Jobs at the end would have been nice! He changed the face of technology, and although the movie was a tribute in itself, a lot more could have been shared.

Final Verdict: 6.5/10

Out in theaters October 9!


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