Uber App Update Makes Food Delivery A Top Priority

Credit: morguefile.com

Credit: morguefile.com

Watch out GrubHub, it looks like there’s a new player in the food delivery game.

If GrubHub’s competitors like Eat24, DoorDash, and Foodler weren’t stressful enough, now the ever-growing Uber is going to take its food delivery service more seriously.

Uber just began offering its latest update to users. The largest change, however, will only appear for users in a handful of cities, including Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Toronto and Barcelona.

‘Why?’ you may ask. The answer is simple: Uber offers UberEATS in these cities, and the company wants that service to grow substantially in the next year or two.

If UberEATS takes off, it may even become its own app someday!

So, the updated Uber app will have a different layout that acknowledges how important UberEATS is to Uber’s new identity.

Now, food is just as important as transportation.

Users will see that instantly, because the UberEATS symbol (a plate with utensils) is now at the top of the app right next to the Transportation symbol.

Before this updated look, UberEATS was a hidden tab that was grouped-in with the app’s other sub-categories like UberBLACK, UberPool, and UberX.

Now, users who may not have previously explored far enough to notice UberEATS will be able to clearly see it upon logging in. Every user will recognize it as another main service of Uber.

Do you think that this seemingly small layout change will really impact the success of UberEATS, though? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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